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About Air France

Air France, a subsidiary of Air France/KLM Group, transports more than 59 million passengers each year to 163 destinations in 92 countries. The company maintains its global hub at Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris and operates secondary hubs at five other French airports. The company is currently engaged in an extensive enhancement project aimed at improving its long-haul first class and business class cabins. The project, budgeted at several hundred millions of Euros, includes the re-design of its La Première class and its new "feel at home" focus. With the re-design, Air France now offers La Première class on its long=haul flights only, while Business Class is the highest cabin level on remaining flights.

Air France At The Airport

Air France and its partners operate more than 300 special lounges, offering business services, tranquil lounging areas, Internet access, snacks and meals and a host of other treats. The airline recently inaugurated its new SkyPriority program that offers identical services at all airports so passengers always know what to expect. The new program features special check-in, priority baggage drop-off and expedited immigration and security queues.

La Première Class

La Première passengers enjoy privileged welcome services, luxurious lounges, direct access to aisles on board the flight and seats that convert to flat beds topped with a mattress, duvet and feather pillow. Travelers dine on meals created by world-renowned chefs and sip wines from a menu chosen by one of the world's most respected sommeliers.

Business Class

Business Class passengers on all flights delight in Air France's completely re-designed meals that begin with an oshibori and an aperitif. On medium-haul flights, passengers also savor a full meal, including a starter, main course and dessert. Business class travelers enjoy security checkpoints with fast-track lanes and dedicated check-in and baggage drop-off.

Air France and

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