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Diversity, Dillis and Tandoori

Just as you would expect for a country that is the birthplace of four major religions, India is a melting pot of the East. Its awe-inspiring architecture is a testament to that diversity, from the Mughal architecture of Agra's Taj Mahal and Delhi's Red Fort to the stepped Dravidian architecture of Jagannath Temple in Odisha. 
In India, be sure to sample the country's many flavors at open-air and street markets called dilli. In Delhi, spend some time at Dilli Haat, where you can taste the foods of several regions, including the tandoor-baked favorites of naan and skewered meats. Dilli Haat is abuzz with the sights and sounds of the local scene and is home to dozens of shops featuring elaborate fabrics, beads, local art and regional crafts.
Those looking for some Bollywood musical excitement, can head to India's west coast city of Mumbai. While there, cruise along Marine Drive at dusk for spectacular views of the sun setting on the Arabian Sea, or boat over to Elephanta Island to marvel at the seven hand-dug Elephanta Caves and their elaborate carvings.
Once India's cultural highlights are explored, head to the country's northern border to take in the stunning views of the Himalayan Mountains. Travelers can journey to the lesser Himalaya ranges on the historic Darjeeling Himalayan Railway. Seasoned mountain climbers delight in the bounty of challenging trails, and sightseers savor the spectacular Himalayan views from the Darjeeling Ropeway cars.

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