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A Land of Extremes

With a country this immense, it's unsurprising that one of its most notable characteristics is its accumulation of highs and lows. At 1.35 billion people, its population is the largest in the world, and it boasts an economy that is expanding more quickly than any other. Its terrain varies tremendously, from the world's tallest mountain in Mount Everest to the world's fourth lowest point at the Turpan Depression. Climates vary from frigid glaciers to warm, sunny beaches. With this diversity, China overflows with attractions to enchant travelers of all ages.
In keeping with China's record-holding nature, the country's most iconic landmark stretches for more than 13,000 miles. The Great Wall of China, originating in 220 B.C., is a masterpiece of function blended with exquisite form. China is home to part of the thousand-mile wide Gobi Desert and record-breaking 300-mile-per-hour high speed magnetic levitation trains. Its pristine beaches and superlative resorts of Yalong Bay on Hainan Island rival Hawaii for lush palm trees and intriguing wildlife.
View giant pandas at Wolong National Nature Reserve, sample Shanghai and Beijing cuisine and shop along Nanjing Road. Tour fascinating religious sites such as the Guoging Temple and the 1,300 year old Huaisheng Mosque, one of the world's oldest mosques. While in Beijing, don't miss the Forbidden City, home of the Palace Museum and Chinese emperors of the past.

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