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Finance, Fashion and Confucius 

China's largest city and fifth-ranked global city, Shanghai is a major international finance center, drawing millions of visitors each year. With interests in technology, shipping, media, culture and fashion, business travel to the megalopolis is vigorous, making business class flight deals even more critical.

Tourists to Shanghai will delight in Shanghai's fashion districts, including the 600-plus shops along Naning Road and twice yearly Fashion Week activities. Plentiful museums, historic districts, river cruises and landmarks make for vigorous tour itineraries.

A melting pot of architecture, Shanghai's The Bund rests along the Huangpu River bank, 26 buildings of mixed 20th century styles. For decades, The Bund was the quintessential icon for Shanghai. Today, it's nearly one-mile stretch houses neo-classical, Beax-Arts, gothic revival and Art Deco buildings along one of Shanghai's most popular tourist destinations. 

The broad range of temples devoted to various faiths is a testament to the city's tolerance for diverse religions. A tourist favorite, City God Temple, is a Taoist temple located in the Old City, featuring remarkable altars, traditional architecture and various shops, pavilions and tea gardens. While on your excursion, visit the Confucius temple Wenmiao or the Buddhist temples Jing'an and the Jade Buddha. Islamic faith traveled to Shanghai in the 13th century and the Songjiang Mosque is a perfect blend of Chinese and Islamic architecture.

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