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Ruins, Runways and Religion

With a dozen renowned cities and even more small, charming villages, Italy offers a variety of locales and attractions to suit every interest. In the center of the country, Rome invites visitors to revel in ancient wonders such as the Colosseum and the Forum. Michaelangelo's Piazza del Campidoglio is just a 15-minute stroll from the Colosseum and home to the magnificent basilica Santa Maria in Aracoeli, Palazzo Senatorio, Palazzo Nuovo and the Tabularium. Dozens of museums, fountains, statues and cathedrals are spread throughout Rome, offering plenty of activities for travelers.


For world-class fashion shows and stellar shopping, trendsetters trek to Milan, the world's celebrated fashion capital. While many visitors are occupied with the shopping in cosmopolitan Milan's Fashion Quadrangle, others spend some time enjoying the city's various historic sites. From the majestic white marble spires of the Gothic-era Duomo cathedral to the acclaimed performances at La Scala opera house, Milan is a perfect blend of modern culture and history.


Italy also offers countless delights for the senses. Drama, mystery and intrigue flourish at Carnivale in Venice. Elaborate costumes and intricate, surreal masks make the festival a unique experience in an already-enigmatic city. For a taste of the country's famed vintages, head to Italy's Tuscany region where the sun is warm, the hills are gentle and the locals are welcoming. Limoncello liqueur and dramatic seaside cliffs draw visitors to southern Italy's Amalfi Coast, while abundant recreation takes travelers to Italy's northern regions and the Italian Alps.


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