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The travel experts at FlyFirst want to dispel the common myth that last-minute, business class and first-class travel costs can't fit into a tight budget. As the busy summer travel season approaches, FlyFirst experts offer their tips for securing inexpensive last-minute and business class flights.

First, less expensive last-minute flights are more readily available to those travelers who do their research. Some airlines offer getaway specials or last-minute flights on their individual websites. American Airlines, for instance, offers getaway deals for the next weekend to both international and domestic destinations. Similarly, other airlines such as United, Virgin America and Southwest offer website deals, often within a short time frame. Travelers should remember to look at low-cost airlines such as JetBlue and Southwest.

To achieve the best last-minute flight savings, it's critical to be flexible on the details. Being willing to travel mid-week, early in the morning or late at night and to less-traveled airports may make a significant difference on the overall flight price. "Travelers should look at flying into smaller airports near their destination," advises Julia Graft, PR manager for FlyFirst. "Oakland International Airport and San Jose International Airport are both great alternatives to San Francisco International and offer equally quick access to Bay Area towns, but they are frequently less expensive."

When it comes to business class and first-class travel, there are several ways to save. Those looking to travel within the next few months are in luck, since one of the best ways to save on business class travel is to book travel during the height of tourist season. "Business travel often slows down during the summer months, so prices on business class seats often drop dramatically during that time," says Graft.

Using a travel concierge site like FlyFirstis helpful, as well, since those sites often provide discounts of up to 60 percent off retail prices, they negotiate flight ticket prices for travelers and offer price match guarantees.

For best prices, travel to more business-focused cities rather than tourist destinations, since there are usually more business-class seat offerings to business capitals. Business class flights to Melbourne are significantly cheaper than flights to Sydney, and traveling business class to Milan is less expensive than traveling to Rome.

Getting creative on travel itineraries is also important. To save the most on business-class seats, travelers should be willing to use connecting flights or even switch airlines at a connecting point, particularly for international travel. "The key here," Graft notes, "is to do plenty of homework to find the best deal on business travel. The rewards and savings can be well worth the time."

"Traveling last-minute or via business class, doesn't have to break the bank," Graft concludes. "If travelers follow these simple tips, lower cost last-minute and business class airfare is easily accessible even for pleasure travelers."

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