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Opportunity, Glamor and Culture

Singapore's 63 islands are a bounty of opportunity, both for business travelers as well as vacationers. For those journeying to the Lion City for business, you have much to explore. A robust shipping industry, more than 7,000 multinational companies and the world's No. 4 largest financial center are just a few of Singapore's features. Its port is the fifth busiest in the world, and that vitality brings with it a host of supporting and ancillary businesses and opportunities. As an original member of the Four Asian Tigers, Singapore continues its tradition as an economic powerhouse.

World-class casino resorts, high-end shopping, fascinating cultural museums and grand historical architecture are just a few of Singapore's many delights. For those seeking elective medical treatments outside the U.S., Singapore's medical tourism industry is thriving due to its modern facilities and highly-trained physicians.

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