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Thai Airways

Discounted First Class Tickets on Thai Airways , Cheap Business Class Flights

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Discounted First Class Tickets on Thai Airways , Cheap Business Class Flights
Get special discount Now
Discounted First Class Tickets on Thai Airways , Cheap Business Class Flights

Cheap Business & First Class Flights on Thai Airways . Best Business Class Deals. Save Thousands on Last Minute Business Class Tickets. Affordable Price for Business Class Seats. Call Us Now to Book & Save up to 70%

Relish the colorful comfort of Thai Airways with dramatically discounted first class fares and business class tickets from FlyFirst.com. You'll save up to 70 percent on your travel while appreciating all of the lush full-rate services.

About Thai Airways

Based in Bangkok, Thai Airways is the national flag carrier for Thailand and transports passengers to 75 destinations in 35 countries. With 24,000 employees worldwide, Thai Airways frequently wins industry service awards for its catering, service and publications. The air carrier serves nearly 21 million passengers annually.

Thai Airways At The Airport

Thai Airways operates its signature lounges at its home base of Suvarnabhumi Airport. The Royal First Lounge at Suvarnabhumi offers two VIP lounges, a la carte dining, business facilities and shower suites. The Royal Silk Lounge features comfortable sofas, a lobby bar, a buffet, kid's room and computer workstations. The Royal Orchid Lounge is available to both first and business class travelers and offers additional buffet dishes, sleep rooms and private rooms. Spa services at Suvarnabhumi Airport are available for first and business class passengers at the Royal Orchid Spa.

Royal First Class

First class passenger luxuriate in private, over-sized seats with lumbar support. With the touch of a button, the seat reclines to a fully horizontal position for comfortable sleeping. In the flat position, the seats stretch to nearly seven and-a-half feet. Each private seating pod is equipped with an on-demand entertainment system that responds to a touch screen. Thai Airways' award-winning culinary service begins as you enter the first class cabin, and you are presented with a glass of first-rate vintage champagne. Finely crafted meals on fine porcelain and exquisite table linens ensure a fine dining experience. 

Business Class/Royal Silk Class

Aboard Thai Airways, business class is called Royal Silk Class. Situated in individual shell pods, Royal Silk Class seats offer lumbar support, comfortable recline angles and laptop power outlets. Each seat holds a personal touch-screen on-demand entertainment system offering hundreds of channels, games, music and movies. Delightful dishes offer nourishment and entertainment with menu items ranging from beef steak in peppercorn sauce to stir-fried chicken with garlic. Passengers can pre-order from a menu of eight meals.

Thai Airways and FlyFirst.com

Traveling abroad in style doesn't have to be expensive. FlyFirst.com partners with Thai Airways to bring you first class fares and business class tickets that won't break your budget.
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