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Journey to the welcoming spirit, soft South Pacific trade winds and the vibrant Maori traditions of New Zealand. Your flight to gorgeous New Zealand can be just as amazing as your time on the islands when you fly in the glorious comfort of's affordable first class flights and last minute business class fares.

Bungee Jumping, Geyser Spotting and Maori Traditions

Nestled in the South Pacific seas southeast of Australia, New Zealand consists of two main islands and several smaller islands. Variety is the spice of New Zealand's terrain, ranging for permanently frozen glaciers towering over the landscape to warm, pristine beaches. With that wide range of natural treasures, it's no wonder that the country is known for its abundance of exciting activities, including mountain climbing, caving, wind surfing, kayaking and rafting. Unsurprisingly, New Zealand's Queenstown is the birthplace of bungee jumping.

While Auckland, Wellington and Christ Church are New Zealand's largest cities, there are plenty of exciting adventures in the country's smaller communities. Geothermal geysers and an authentic Maori village enliven Rotorua and Lamach Castle in Dunedin offers hours of entertainment for the whole family.

Exploring the vivid indigenous Maori culture is a must while you are in New Zealand. Whether you spend a day roaming the exhibits at national museum Te Papa Tongarewa or delighting in the rousing beat and intense colors of traditional Maori music and dance, the Maori culture is a triumph of spirit. 

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