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Turkey, on the Anatolian Peninsula, is one of the oldest settlements in the world and has the archaeological wonders to prove it. From the Göbekli Tepe erected in 10,000 B.C.E. and the Neolithic Çatalhöyük to the walls of Troy and the Lion Gate of Hattusa, the world's ancient history plays out across the country. 

The progression of Turkey's history is evident in its many beautiful structures. The Byzantine Hagia Sophia is a gorgeous church-turned-mosque surrounded by manicured gardens, jetting fountains and impressive spires. Ottoman-era Selimiye Mosque in Edirne and Istanbul's Baroque-style Dolmabahçe Palace and Ottoman Empire Topkapi Palace are sites not to be missed.

Culture, religion and adventure combine in the presence of imposing Mt. Ararat. A breathtaking site, Mt. Ararat is believed to be the home of Noah and is a challenging hike for skilled mountain climbers. Surrounded by the Black, Aegean and Mediterranean seas, Turkey offers plenty of water activities, from surfing and windsurfing to whitewater rafting and scuba diving. Exploration and hiking are abundant at the Cappadocians where the amazing Faery Chimneys rock formations and rock-cut temple emerge suddenly from the landscape.

Those looking for a more cosmopolitan experience head to modern Istanbul and Ankara, where skyscrapers dominate unique skylines. Dynamic business districts set busy paces for both cities, with vibrant performing arts, culinary and shopping scenes. Yet, along with this forward momentum, both cities maintain their reverence for ancient, historic and religious sites, such as Ankara Castle and the Temple of Augustus and Rome in Ankara and Istanbul's Blue Mosque.

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