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Savings on business class fares and first class deals to Sweden

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Savings on business class fares and first class deals to Sweden
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Savings on business class fares and first class deals to Sweden

Cheap Business & First Class Flight to Sweden.  Save Thousands on Last Minute Business Class Tickets. Affordable Price for Business Class Seats. Call Us Now to Book & Save up to 70%

Travel to the pristine Nordic country of Sweden, where historic palaces and gleaming glass buildings rest side-by-side. Make your way to welcoming Sweden in the lush comfort of FlyFirst.com's discount business class fares and first class flights. You'll save up to 70 percent on regular premium travel fares, leaving you thousands to better enjoy your Scandinavian adventure.

A rich Viking history pervades Sweden, both in historic artifacts and in storytelling. While in Sweden, you can explore the exploits of these early Swedes at the Greece Runestones, Varangian Runestones and England Runestones. The Ingvar Runestones, now scattered throughout Sweden, commemorate the final expedition of Ingvar the Far-Traveled to Serkland. Traveling throughout the country to view the various runestones is a fantastic way to see the country, meet locals and discover Swedish history.

Stockholm is Sweden's largest city and offers exciting experiences for travelers. From Old Town's Royal Palace and Stockholm Cathedral to Parliament House and Stockholm City Hall, the historic architecture is breathtaking and welcoming. 

Second largest city, Gothenburg, is an active, vibrant town. With its picturesque, bustling port, Gothenburg is both beautiful and cosmopolitan. It offers a buffet of cultural, artistic and community events, from famous music festivals to immense sporting tournaments. Movie buffs from around the world travel to the city for its Göteborg International Film Festival, and tens of thousands of soccer players converge in Gothenburg each year for its Gothia Cup, the largest football/soccer tournament in the world.

Gothenburg is also home to two world-class institutions: Liseburg and Volvo. Named one of the top ten theme parks in the world by Forbes magazine, Liseburg is home to exhilarating rides and roller coasters and a charming Christmas market. Slightly less adrenaline-inducing, Volvo offers a ride on The Blue Train through the company's Torslanda factory to see how Volvos are manufactured.

Luxury Fit for a Monarch

Flights to Sweden can be relaxing aboard the luscious style of first and business class cabins. Your luxurious trip begins at the airport with privileged entree to reserved airport lounges. First and business class lounges feature refreshing buffets and snacks, abundant entertainment, occasional spa and salon services and well-equipped business centers. Aboard your flight, you'll revel in the personalized service offering five-star quality meals, free-flowing drinks, spacious and plush seats and amenity kits filled with today's most exclusive skin care products.

Industry-Leading FlyFirst.com Services

These luxuries can be yours to enjoy with FlyFirst.com's amazing deals of up to 70 percent off regular fares. Whether you are flying at the last minute or need deals on multi-city itineraries, FlyFirst.com has you covered. Call us today to secure your fabulous deals on business class fares and first class flights to Sweden.

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