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Last Minute Business Class Flights to Milan, Discounted First Class Tickets. Save Thousands.

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Last Minute Business Class Flights to Milan, Discounted First Class Tickets. Save Thousands.
Europe, Italy
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Last Minute Business Class Flights to Milan, Discounted First Class Tickets. Save Thousands.

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Explore majestic cathedrals, marvel at famous works of art and experience the haute couture of Fashion Week in the trend-setting city of Milan. Your journey to Milan brims with luxurious amenities with FlyFirst.com's outstanding savings on last minute first class deals and business class tickets. You'll spend up to 70 percent less on your premium airfare, yet enjoy all of the full-price charms of first and business class flights. With FlyFirst.com deals and service, you can spend more of your time, energy and money on enjoying your journey to enchanting Milan.

Milan: A Cultural Mecca For the Centuries

Italy's finance, commerce, fashion and interior design industries are centered in Milan. Home to the Italian stock exchange, most of the country's major banks and the world's leading fashion designers, the city's newest gems are the gleaming skyscrapers and cultural centers in the dazzling Porta Nuova Business District. Whether you travel to Milan for business or pleasure, this revitalized district offers plenty of attraction.
In addition to a vibrant business sector, Milan is a mecca for travelers interested in history, architecture and art. More than two million visitors each year explore the city's treasures, from Leonardo da Vinci's The Last Supper at Santa Maria delle Grazie to Botticelli's Madonna of the Pavilion. Grand buildings in Piazzo del Duomo span the centuries. There, the Duomo's 135 Gothic spires rise above the city and face the breathtaking facades of the Royal Palace, Arengario Palace, and Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, the world's oldest shopping mall. Impressive Sforza Castle museums, the historic Arch of Peace and the famed La Scala opera house all offer their own particular delights.
A fashion paradise, Milan is the headquarters for a number of celebrated design houses, including Armani, Dolce & Gabbana, Versace, Valentino, Prada and Gucci. High-end fashion houses and boutiques can be found along such streets as Via della Spiga, Via Manzoni and Via Monte Napoleone. 

Fly Fashionably to Chic Milan in Discounted Business Class 

Journey to glamorous Milan in the consummate style of first and business class seats. Premium travelers enjoy amenities at exclusive airport lounges, including abundant refreshments, cocktails, spa services, shower suites, business services and relaxing seating areas. With your FlyFirst first class deals, your in-flight experience includes such treats as extra-large seats that convert to completely flat beds, personal entertainment systems and delectable cuisine. Your first and business class seats offer all the comfort you deserve, delivering you to Milan in the lap of luxury.

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FlyFirst.com travel professionals are uniquely qualified to provide you with unrivaled savings on premium travel. Whether you choose business class tickets or require last minute first class deals, FlyFirst.com is your affordable, luxury ticket to Milan.
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