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The FlyFirst.com Advantage

We work with today's best airlines from around the world such as British Airways, United, Virgin, KLM, Singapore Airlines, American Airlines and Qantas to offer you superbly discounted luxury flights. Our generous first class deals and business class flights are available on all types of travel, from one-way and last minute flights to multi-city destinations and open-jaw flights. In some cases, we can even offer you first class deals that are less expensive than coach fares.

Our knowledgeable travel professionals can expertly guide you to the travel providers to best fit your needs because they are well-versed in the benefits and disadvantages of all the major air carriers and most international and domestic airports.

Our commitment to you continues throughout your trip. Even if you have a sudden change of plans while you are traveling, our experts are happy to help you re-arrange your trip and smooth the way for a flawless travel experience.

Luxury and Style From Start to Finish

Whether traveling for business, pleasure or a combination of the two, you deserve to start and finish your trip in the lap of luxury. Airport lounges exclusively for luxury passengers are brimming with choice amenities and chic services guaranteed to make your layovers refreshing. Spa-style showers, salon services, trendy cocktail lounges, bountiful refreshments, ample business spaces and express check-in and security queues are just a few of the luxuries you can expect on the ground as a premium traveler.

In the air, the high-end service continues with roomy, cushioned seats upholstered in supple most comfortable position and large electronic consoles offer power supply for your electronics and LCD screens with loads of entertainment options. Meals are developed by world-famous and world-class chefs using the season's freshest ingredients. Champagne, cocktails, domestic beers and other refreshments are abundant. Bed turn-down service often includes flat beds topped with comfy mattresses, down comforters and crisp pajamas. All of these features and more are designed to provide you with the ultimate in style and convenience. leather. Touch-pad controls angle your seat to the


Industry-leading FlyFirst.com Services

Our experienced travel specialists are exceptionally knowledgeable and skilled in developing the best travel plans to fit your needs. And they'll save you hundreds or thousands of dollars in the process. Call us toll-free at 888-347-7817 to schedule your unparalleled deals on first class flights and deeply discounted business class fares today.

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